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Bendik Giske

Bendik Giske (NO/DE) is an artist and saxophonist whose expressive use of physicality, vulnerability and endurance have already won him much critical acclaim, courtesy of two album releases on Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound - Surrender (2019) and Cracks (2021) and some captivating live performances featuring just his body, breath, the saxophone and a resonant physical space.

The body is important for Giske, even more so than as an acoustic musician. Not just in the strength and muscle control required to accomplish circular breathing on the saxophone, the unusual technique he employs to mesmerizing effect. And body is implied in his sense of queerness, which has helped him create his own sound, on record and in striking, embodied performances.

Mining the thought universe of José Muñoz – especially his book Cruising Utopia – as inspiration, Cracks sees Giske using his signature physical and hypnotic techniques in addition to producer André Bratten’s extensive studio of electronic machines, including the new “resonant” space of Bratten’s reactive studio tuned to his original sounds.


Saturday 07 May
Arnolfini, 20:00