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Harrga is a band formed in Bristol in 2017 by Miguel Prado and Dali de Saint Paul.

In 2019, they released Héroïques Animaux de la Misère, on Avon Terror Corps, in honour of those who burn the borders and keep indelible marks, glossolalia and xenoglossia. Diaspora of the future. Harrga means "a burn" in the Moroccan Darija dialect, and also recalls the term harragas, which refers to migrants who burn their ID papers and seek asylum in Europe. The album is explicitly framed as a tribute to these asylum seekers, bearing a frenzied urgency which refuses to put the listener in a comfortable position, with an intensity to match the similar combination of political and sonic radicalism of Moor Mother, who makes a brief contribution to the final track, À Vif.

In 2020, they published Femmes d’Intérieur on Café Oto imprint Takuroku, considering domestic abuse and exploring tropes of femininity.


Saturday 07 May
Strange Brew, 22:30