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Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is the artist and producer behind The Bug, Kevin Richard Martin, King Midas Sound, Techno Animal, Zonal and a host of other uncompromisingly heavy - and heavily dub-informed - projects he has instigated since the 90s. The Bug's signature apocalyptic dancehall production style, as fully realised on the ‘London Zoo’ and ‘Fire’ albums for Ninja Tune as well as his ongoing live activity with Flowdan and a host of collaborators, was forged at in London at the start of the millennium via collaborations with UK dub veteran The Rootsman and MCs including Daddy Freddy, Toastie Taylor and Paul St Hillaire, and through his proximity to the nascent dubstep scene. Known as a storied and obsessive devotee to the world of echo, Martin has recently issued ‘Machine’, a series of instrumental EPs outlining a new and savagely dystopian blueprint of dub.


Saturday 27 April
The Cube, 14:00 — 15:15