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Marina Herlop

Conservatory trained composer, vocalist, and pianist Marina Herlop has been releasing music since 2016. With miu, her much-hyped first release with PAN, her production applies the same approach of channeling her environment but with an expanded set of tools, extruding and reconfiguring new uncanny dimensions.

Experimenting for the first time with konnakol syllables and Karnatic rhythms harnessing the processed human voice and electronics, miu can be treated as a hazy mirror reflecting contorted desires.

The Barcelona-based artist invites the listener to step into her otherworldly dreamscape, falling down a sonic rabbit hole into a garden of forking paths; this seductive parallel reality is amplified in the visceral natural depiction of a cow’s birth in miu‘s accompanying music video.

Herlop is performing with her five piece band at Primavera Barcelona and LA, SXSW, and Mutek amongst other notable events in 2022.


Saturday 07 May
Arnolfini, 20:00