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Ryoji Ikeda

A Japanese artist with a singular place in the lineage of audiovisual art and performance, known for precise and deeply rhythmic work mining the ‘datamatics’ of light and sound phenomena, and for heavily-sensory live shows and installations.

Ryoji Ikeda’s seminal albums ‘+/-‘(1996), ‘0°C’ (1998), ‘matrix’ (2000), ‘dataplex’ (2005), ‘test pattern’ (2008), and ‘supercodex’ (2013) pioneered a new minimal world of electronic music through his razor-sharp techniques and aesthetics, whilst acclaimed performances like ‘superposition’ and ‘100 cymbals’ have been presented at the the likes of the Pompidou Centre, The Metropolitan Museum and Philharmonie de Paris.


Friday 26 April
Beacon Hall, 22:15 — 00:30