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Shui Mo

The Shui Mo (수묵; 墨 絵 ;水墨) East Asian Bristol Ensemble (EN: watercolour ink) is a new ensemble dedicated to performing new works on East Asian traditional instruments, together with western instruments.

Shui Mo takes a radically open attitude, reaching deep into traditional playing techniques of its instruments for integrity of sonic detail, at the same time dedicated to producing cutting edge new music from today’s world-wide, burgeoning contemporary transcultural music scene.

Drawing from inspirations Eastern and Western, instrumentalists of Shui Mo are soloists in their own right, with Kiku Day キク デイ(Shakuhachi), Hyelim Kim 김혜림 (Daegeum), PENG Cheng 彭程 (Èrhú), HE Shuiqingqing 何,水清清 (Gūzhēng), Jingyu Chew (Shēng), and George Owen (Cello).

(画) J: sumi-e 墨 絵/J: suibokuga 水墨(画)


Sunday 28 April
Victoria Rooms, 13:15 — 14:30