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Saturday 07 May
Arnolfini, 20:00
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Saturday night’s BNM programme at Arnolfini comprises elemental Nordic saxophone and sound design, Karnatic rhythms harnessing the processed human voice with electronics, and an entrancing ensemble improv set to sound responsive projections. *please note that Marina Herlop replaces Nazar and Rob Heppell.*

Bendik Giske

Bendik Giske (NO/DE) is an artist and saxophonist whose expressive use of physicality, vulnerability and endurance have already won him much critical acclaim. More

Marina Herlop

Conservatory trained composer, vocalist, and pianist Marina Herlop has been releasing music since 2016. With miu, her much-hyped first release with PAN, her production applies the same approach of channeling her environment but with an expanded set of tools, extruding and reconfiguring new uncanny dimensions. More

Viridian Ensemble

An ensemble of interdisciplinary instrumentalists based in Bristol, who advocate for Womxn in experimental arts from eclectic specialisms and backgrounds. More