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  • Deep Listening Workshop and Performance: Tina Hitchens & Dan Johnson

Sunday 08 May
Dareshack, 14:00 — 18:00
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"Listening to space changes space, and changing space changes listening" - Pauline Oliveros

In 1989, Pauline Oliveros coined the term Deep Listening to describe a practice of radical attentiveness. Oliveros described Deep Listening as “a practice that is intended to expand consciousness of sound in as many dimensions of awareness and attentional dynamics as humanly possible” – as well as listening, its practice uses sound, body, breath, and movement.

Anyone can practice Deep Listening – it is an evolving and embodied meditative practice that aims to foster personal and collective wellbeing through the exploration of heightened states of awareness, the receiving of sound, and the 'lifting off' of judgement.

Workshop participants are invited to take part in a range of Deep Listening exercises, including those devised by Oliveros. Offered at a special low ticket price for Bristol New Music, the workshop is open to everyone - no musical training or advance preparation is required. Instruments will be provided, and participants are welcome to bring their own acoustic instruments / objects - anything that makes a sound!

The workshop runs for approximately 2.5hrs. After a break, participants will be invited to join Tina & Dan to take part in a performance if they would like to.

Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson is a freelance musician, performance artist, and teacher specialising in improvisation, rhythm, listening, and creative development. More

Tina Hitchens

Tina Hitchens is a flautist, improviser, composer, and sound artist who often collaborates across disciplines. More