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Miguel Prado & Mattin: Generative Adversarial Evacuation Of The Voice

Saturday 25 April
Arnolfini, 18:00 — 18:45

Bristol-based artist and musician and writer Miguel Prado (known for his work in Harrga as as part of the Avon Terror Corps colllective) presents ‘Generative Adversarial Evacuation Of The Voice’ a new iteration of his ongoing collaborative work with fellow Spanish provocateur and conceptualist Mattin.

Evacuation of the Voice is a project developed by Mattin and Miguel Prado since 2011. The urge for the "evacuation of the voice” appears from its inseparability from the dismantling of the face, identified as the vehicle for the representation of the "I” in capitalism. In 2014, the artists presented in Serralves (Porto) ten sessions of one hour each where they tried to performatively evacuate the voice from their bodies, resorting to a process of "subjective depersonalization”. In 2017 an instantiation of the Evacuation of the Voice was performed by Margherita Morgantin & Martina Raponi in Bologna's Live Arts Week VI and in 2019, Mattin, Miguel Prado, Margherita Morgantin, and Martina Raponi, performed "Circular Evacuation in 4 Nodes", at Regenerative Feedback at WORM, Rotterdam.

The Bristol New Music performance of ‘Generative Adversarial Evacuation of the Voice’ constitutes the continuation of the project, in a new way to move the Evacuation of the Voice towards the domain of synthetic media and gain a new level of perspective about the process.


Mattin (Bilbao, 1977) is an artist who works within experimental and noise music, responding to the social and economic conditions of music production through live performance, recordings, and writings with a strong interest in improvisation. More

Miguel Prado

Miguel Prado is the story of a person’s life told from his birth to his death, detailing his deeds achieved and failures, and everything of significant interest to the same. More