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  • Shui Mo

Sunday 28 April
Victoria Rooms, 13:15 — 14:30
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In its very first concert, new East Asian/Bristol ensemble Shui Mo (수묵; 墨 絵 ;水墨) interprets five premieres by Bristol composers Eunseog Lee (UK) Michael Ellison (USA/Turkey), Zhihong Guo (China), Yingying Wen (China) and Yuting Chang (Taiwan).

Shui Mo visual designer: Ting Huang

Doors: 1300
Start: 1315
End: 1430

Shui Mo

Kiku Day キク デイ(Shakuhachi), Hyelim Kim 김혜림 (Daegeum), PENG Cheng 彭程 (Èrhú), HE Shuiqingqing 何,水清清 (Gūzhēng), Jingyu Chew (Shēng), George Owen (Cello). Ensemble Shui Mo is a brand new group of dynamic young players, dedicated to commissioning and performing new repertoires of contemporary music mixing traditional East Asian and Western instruments. ‘Shui Mo’ (in Mandarin—Shu Mo in Japanese, Sumak in Korean, Shu-Mo in Cantonese) refers to water colour art. The ensemble is in-residence at the University of Bristol. More